A strong first quarter for VR Group

  • VR Group’s net sales have increased by 10.6 per cent, with operating profit amounting to EUR 15.3 million.
  • From January through March, 21.7 million journeys were made by train, and the total number of journeys grew 8.4 per cent by reference to the previous year.
  • VR Transpoint’s rail and road transport volumes rose to 41.3 million tonnes (10.0 per cent).
  • VR Track undersigned Finland’s first alliance contract maintenance project.

“In all business operations, net sales increased significantly during the first quarter of 2017. We are particularly pleased with the increase in passenger numbers and the volume of freight transported. Together with improved efficiency in VR operations, the growth in net sales can also be seen in the positive results of the first quarter,” CEO Rolf Jansson states.

VR Group’s net sales grow in strength

Net sales of passenger services increased during the first quarter by 10.6 per cent, producing a total of MEUR 293.6 (265.6). January–March operating profit totalled MEUR 15.3 (-6.0).

Total number of passenger traffic journeys accelerating

Net sales of VR passenger services totalled MEUR 137.9 (121.2), with an increase of 13.8 percent during the January to March period. The total number of passenger traffic journeys increased 17.2 per cent during the early part of the year. A total of 33.3 (28.4) million passenger trips were made. Travel by train rose by 8.4 per cent, with a total of 21.7 (20.0) million train journeys made. Road transport rose by 38.0 per cent, with a total of 11.7 (8.5) million journeys made.

VR measures customer satisfaction by means of continuous surveys. During the first quarter of the year, over 12,000 people evaluated VR services. The total number of those recommending VR services has risen over the last year to a good level: for the first time, over 50 per cent during the first quarter. Special thanks were given to the friendly, well-informed service provided by train conductors as well as the ease of ticket purchase via digital channels. There is still room for improvement in maintaining the tidiness of WC facilities and in wireless broadband coverage.

VR Transpoint transportation volumes and share of electric traction on the rise

VR Transpoint transportation volumes grew between January and March in both rail and road services by 10.0 per cent. Altogether, transportation volumes reached 10.9 (9.9) tonnes. VR Transpoint net sales increased by 4.6 per cent, producing a total of MEUR 98.4 (94.0).

VR Transpoint has already succeeded at adding electric-powered transport to over 75 per cent. At the end of March, electric-powered operation on the track section between Pännäinen and Pietarsaari began. Increase in electrically driven traffic not only improves the energy efficiency of rail logistics but also the effectiveness of the logistics chain as a whole, since transport can be handled all the way to destination with one and the same locomotive. Emission and noise impacts from rail traffic are also reduced.

VR Track's net sales increased substantially

VR Track’s net sales grew by 17.5 per cent from the comparison period, producing a total of MEUR 55.4 (47.2).

Along with the Finnish Transport Agency, VR Track has undersigned Finland's first alliance contract maintenance project. The contract covers the maintenance of track and safety equipment in Southwest Finland’s maintenance area 2 during the years 2017–2022.  

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