Allegro trainset in Finland

The first of the Allegro high-speed trainsets ordered for the service between Helsinki and St Petersburg has arrived in Finland from the Alstom factory in Italy. Fine-tuning and static testing of the train have begun at VR’s Ilmala depot in Helsinki. The three remaining trains will be delivered in Finland by the end of 2010. Track trials of the first train will begin in Finland at the end of March. In April the Allegro will undergo testing in Russia. Acceptance tests will be carried out on all the Allegros in Finland and Russia. Before they start in actual service, the trains must obtain type approval in both countries. Faster journey times When the Allegro trains enter service, they will cut the time for the journey between Helsinki and St Petersburg to three and a half hours, from the almost six hours it takes at the moment. A new feature with the Allegro trains is that all border and customs inspections will take place on the moving train in both countries. The Allegro trains are planned to replace the Sibelius and Repin trains that currently operate between St Petersburg and Helsinki at the end of 2010. Starting the Allegro service will make it possible to gradually increase the number of rail services between the two cities. Dual power system The Allegro trains have a dual power system, so that they can use the DC network in Russia and the AC network in Finland. The trains also have a dual radio system, one for use in Finland’s communications system and the other for use in Russia. The train equipment complies with current technical requirements in the EU and Russia. The maximum speed in passenger services is 220 kilometres an hour. The Allegro trainsets have seven carriages and altogether 344 seats. The first and second class carriages have adjustable seats, tilting tables, pockets for newspapers and magazines, foot rests, and sockets for laptop computers and mobile phones. There is a restaurant car, facilities for disabled passengers, a play area for children, and designated seats for passengers travelling with pets. No smoking is allowed on the train. To provide information for passengers, the Allegros have a system with speakers and displays where information can be given in Finnish, Russian and English. There is a separate area on the train for border and customs officials. Upgrading the track in Finland and Russia Raising the speeds for this service has required investment in the track in Finland and Russia. In Finland, the Lahti–Luumäki–Vainikkala track section is currently being upgraded. RZD is currently upgrading its own track sections, so that trains can run at 200 kilometres an hour between St Petersburg and Buslovskaya. The work began in 2007. The track work should be completed in both countries in autumn 2010. The Allegro trains are owned by Oy Karelian Trains Ltd, a rolling stock company jointly owned by VR and Russian railway company RZD. The train operating companies VR and RZD are responsible for passenger services, timetables and ticket sales. Karelian Trains and Alstom signed a contract in September 2007 for the delivery of four Allegro trainsets. Alstom has supplied similar tilting-body trains in 10 countries. The contract has a value of EUR 120 million. Picture of Allegro Further information: Antti Jaatinen, Senior Vice President, Passenger Services, VR-Group Ltd, tel. +358 307 20 700 or +358 40 8620 700 (passenger services) Ali Huttunen, Managing Director, Oy Karelian Trains Ltd, tel. +358 40 8663 800 (rolling stock) Mihail Akulov, Vice President, Passenger Services, OAO RZD". RZD Corporate Communications

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