Martti Koskinen to become Acting Director of VR Transpoint

Martti Koskinen, Director of Sales and Marketing at VR Group’s Logistics Division (VR Transpoint), has been appointed Director of VR Transpoint on a temporary basis, effective 5 December. A search process is currently underway for director of the Logistics Division, and the appointment will be announced later.

VR Transpoint’s previous director, Rolf Jansson, became CEO of VR Group in October.

VR Transpoint to function as logistics partner for Finnish industry

VR Transpoint provides rail logistics as well as domestic and international road logistics services to meet the needs of Finnish industry. The company offers total solutions in bulk goods logistics: transport, storage, loading, dismantling, freight forwarding and transport planning. Logistics chains can always be tailored in accordance with customer requirements, all the way from factory to port.

VR Transpoint’s turnover is MEUR 381. A total of 1,400 logistics professionals work for the company. VR Transpoint’s customers are various branches of industry, the largest of which are forestry and the metal and chemical industries.


Martti Koskinen:

- VR Transpoint’s Director of Sales and Marketing since 2009
- has worked previously as, for instance, Director of Central and East European Business Operations at Corus Ltd as well as Rautaruukki PLC’s Marketing and Procurement Director and, before this, Regional Manager for Central Europe
- b. 1957
- engineer

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