President and CEO of VR Group to change

Mikael Aro has resigned from the position of President and CEO of VR Group to move on to a position in an international company. Aro’s notice period is six months. The search for a new president and CEO has already begun.

“I find that I have seen through the big change that I came here to do seven years ago. The company is now stronger and more competitive. The change has been extremely big and heavy for the personnel. I would like to thank the entire personnel for working together to carry out these extensive reforms,” says Mikael Aro.

Mikael Aro started as the President and CEO of VR Group in 2009.
“During this time, the company has gone through a significant change to become a customer-oriented, profitable and developing operator in the field of passenger traffic, logistics and infrastructure engineering. The company has both intensified its operation and carried out extremely big investments in new rolling stock at the same time,” says Hannu Syrjänen, Board Chair of VR Group.

“The company will continue its ongoing development projects. This year’s prospects are promising as passenger volumes and the volume of freight carried are rising,” says Hannu Syrjänen. With its pricing reform in passenger traffic, VR is aiming at one million additional journeys.

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