VAT change affects prices

VAT rates change as of July 1. Restaurant dining VAT decreases from 22 to 13%. VR subsidiary Avecra will decrease sales prices by the full VAT decrease. Therefore, food product and non-alcoholic beverage prices decrease in Avecra restaurants, stations an train restaurant cars by an average of 7.4%. For instance, the price of a restaurant car favourite cheese rye bread decreases from €3.90 to €3.50 and the price of a cup of coffee decreases from €2.20 to €2.00. The tax decrease does not apply to cigarettes or alcoholic beverages. Minor increase in ticket prices Train ticket VAT rises from 8 to 9%. The change increases ticket prices by an average of 1%. The price increase applies to the most common train tickets. Additional information on ticket prices is available at, stations and VR Customer Care at 0600 41 900 (€1+local network charge). More information on restaurant services can be found at Additional information: Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Hanna von Wendt, VR-Group Ltd, tel. +358 40 8621 300

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