Vectron on show at the world’s largest rail traffic rolling stock and transport technology trade fair

Siemens will be presenting the Vectron electric locomotive modified for VR Group at InnoTrans, the world’s largest rail traffic rolling stock and transport technology trade fair, from 20 to 23 September in Berlin.

The four Vectron electric locomotives being used in a test programme in Finland will soon be joined by a fifth locomotive when the new arrival comes in September or October from Berlin to Finland after the fair has come to a close.

‘We are proud that we are able to present the newest Vectron at the InnoTrans fair. As one of the world’s largest providers of rail traffic solutions, it is important for us to share about the features of the new Vectron that have been developed for the northern climate, such as the placing of the air intake on the roof. This fair is a significant event, one which gathers all professionals in the field to consider the latest technologies,’ explains Juha Lehtonen, Head of Mobility Division at Siemens.

‘It’s great that our locomotives and the VR colours are on show at InnoTrans. This is for us a unique occasion, one which certainly strengthens VR’s reputation as a developing, modern company,’ says Petri Auno, Senior Vice President at VR Group.

In use by 2017

VR Group’s tailor-made locomotives have been in the test-drive phase in Finland since the beginning of the year, and the intensive test programme continues still.

‘We await with interest the coming winter, when we will get to also test out in practice the winter features of the locomotives, including those of the new model presented at the fair. Among other things, we are testing also the diesel module, radio control, the locomotive’s hauling capacity and, of course, the locomotive’s reliability,’ Mr Auno continues.

VR Group has ordered 80 of the new electric locomotives from Siemens. The contract also has an option for a maximum of 97 additional locomotives. This is VR Group’s largest single acquisition ever, with a total value of over €300 million, not including options. The locomotive procurement is part of a series of major rolling stock investments by VR Group. The purchase also represents one of the largest locomotive procurement deals in Europe in recent years.

The first 10 locomotives will start in the commercial traffic during the year 2017, and batch production will begin in summer 2018. The full batch of 80 locomotives will be delivered by 2026.

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