VR FleetCare – incorporated rail equipment maintenance seeks new growth via name change

Incorporated as a subsidiary of VR at the start of the year, the rail equipment maintenance company VR Maintenance Oy will be known in the future as VR FleetCare. The new name will be used in the company’s all communications and encounters.

“VR FleetCare is a striking global name, which stands us apart from other maintenance companies. VR FleetCare tells our customers that we will look after and care for their equipment. The VR prefix afforded by our status as a subsidiary reminds our customers of the new company’s long history in the railway business as well as the broad shoulders of our parent company,” explains President and CEO Kimmo Soini.  

The name change is one part of VR FleetCare’s development path as an independent company. In the next few years, the company’s aim is to seek growth via other railway traffic and neighbouring areas. The rail equipment maintenance market is looking good. The maintenance market will grow as the share of railway traffic of all traffic increases.

“We believe that we are competitive on this market and able to utilise our solid operative experience accrued over a period exceeding a hundred years. We have a good understanding of our customers’ needs. We want to be an important partner to our customers and take care of their equipment in the best possible way. When it comes to developing our business, our top priorities are to develop smart preventive maintenance and provide our customers with new data- and analytics-based equipment life-cycle services,” says Peter Guldbrand, Vice President, Sales, VR Fleetcare. 

Further information: VR media desk, tel.: +358 (0)30 70123



A multiple-brand rail equipment service-provider, VR FleetCare is a subsidiary of the Finnish railway operator VR Group. We provide our customers with quality railway traffic equipment repair, maintenance and life-cycle services as well as technical fleet expert services in the Nordic and Baltic countries. 


We are strongly invested in the future, and our operations are guided by continuous development and cutting-edge technologies. With an annual turnover of approximately EUR 200 million, VR FleetCare employs more than 1,000 employees. 


We ensure that all rail equipment meets our customers’ requirements smartly and safely, always and in all circumstances. 




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