VR FleetCare secures maintenance contract with Danish train operator

VR FleetCare has entered into a large maintenance agreement for components with the Danish train operator Nordjyske Jernbaner A/S. The contract covers maintenance of bogies and pneumatic components of the Alstom Coradia LINT series trains during the years 2024–2029.

“We are pleased to take over this contract with VR FleetCare in a new market for us in Denmark. The agreement with Nordjyske Jernbaner is strategically significant for us as we seek growth in the maintenance business, particularly in the component services area. I am glad that Nordjyske Jernbaner has selected us as their partner for this essential maintenance package, which is crucial for maintaining the fleet's value,” says Wilhelm Schevelew, Head of Sales and Development at VR FleetCare.

“VR FleetCare provided the best overall bid in the tender. This agreement for the maintenance of major components is an essential part of the lifecycle management of our rolling stock. VR FleetCare's expertise and experience in rail vehicle maintenance give us confidence that our Coradia LINT trains will receive the best possible service," says Morten Muff Jensen, Technical Manager at Nordjyske Jernbaner.

The maintenance is carried out at VR FleetCare's Component Services locations in Helsinki and Pieksämäki that specialise in the restoration of train bogies and other rail components. The agreement includes the restoration of bogies as well as pneumatic components. The first 14 train sets will be maintained between 2024–2026, and the following 5 train sets in 2029.

The prospects in the international market for component maintenance are good, as sustainability and the circular economy are gaining more foothold in the rail sector as well. The partnership with Nordjyske Jernbaner is especially important for us. It not only secures our operational prerequisites but also offers the opportunity to expand our expertise with new rolling stock. This agreement represents a substantial step in our growth path, while ensuring the professional development and employment of our staff,” reminds Juha Lintula, Director of Component Services at VR FleetCare.

VR FleetCare has extensive expertise in the lifecycle management of trains and components, along with effective processes, enabling us to offer high-quality and competitive maintenance services. Component workshop in Pieksämäki has new production lines and extensive expertise in various bogie types. Under the same roof, bogies for electric and diesel locomotives, electric trains, and passenger carriages are being repaired. The production unit in Helsinki instead has versatile skills and testing capabilities for various small and large valves, enabling the professional takeover of new rolling stock for maintenance. The bogie is the most significant component of rolling stock in terms of safety and lifecycle costs. Generally, the bogie's share of the lifecycle costs of the rolling stock is about one-fifth.

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