VR Group has initiated a passenger car procurement process

The competitive bidding focuses on the acquisition of a new generation of double-deck passengers cars to replace the blue Express train cars.

The public EU tendering process involves 46 double-deck passenger cars and an option for a further 185 cars. The new InterCity cars will replace the blue cars manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s which are at the end of their service life.

– VR Group continues its major rolling stock investments. We want to offer passengers even better service. At the European level we already have a modern fleet, says VR Group's President and CEO Mikael Aro.

VR Group has an ongoing two billion euro investment programme for this and the upcoming decade. In the last few years VR has acquired e.g. new electric locomotives, steering cars and double-deck restaurant cars. In the near future VR will also purchase new diesel locomotives.

New rolling stock suitable for fast rail services

The double-deck passenger cars must be suitable for Finnish conditions, the rail network and 200 km/h services. VR Group requires bidders to have experience in manufacturing double-deck rolling stock and in cold climatic conditions. 

The tendering process includes sleeping cars that have been agreed in the exclusivity agreement valid until 2024 on long-distance services concluded between the Ministry of Transport and Communications and VR Group. The investment makes it possible to continue night train services to Kolari.

VR Group's rolling stock acquisitions do not require State funding as they are financed through the Group's normal internal financing and, if required through other means, e.g. debt financing or leasing agreements.

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