VR now has one million loyalty customers

VR’s loyalty programme Veturi is increasingly popular. The millionth customer joined the soon five-year-old programme and more than 50 per cent of Finns already know the programme.

- VR’s permanently cheaper prices further increased interest in the programme and had a positive effect on the number of new Veturi members. We will celebrate the one million Veturi members by treating our customers to a morning coffee in all long-distance trains that have a restaurant car, says Minna Miettinen, who is Director of Marketing and Online Sales at VR and in charge of the Veturi programme.

One in three Veturi members live in the capital region. In the light of statistics, the most typical loyalty customer is a 26-year-old female who makes on average two train trips a year. The most popular routes among Veturi members are Helsinki-Turku, Helsinki-Tampere, Helsinki-Hämeenlinna and Helsinki-Lahti.
Members of this free programme can purchase train tickets easily and fast, and get benefits and tailored offers regularly from both VR and its cooperation partners.

Veturi members also participate in the development of VR’s operation actively. Their help has recently been utilised in testing both the new website and Allegro’s new menu. In addition, they were the first to get to familiarise themselves with new services, such as the Robert’s Coffee buffet car and a trial run of the ring rail line.

Individual service on VR Mobile

According to the recent Kanta-asiakasohjelmat Suomessa 2016 study on loyalty programmes in Finland designed and carried out by TNS Gallup, 51 per cent of Finns know VR’s loyalty programme. Awareness of the programme has increased 8 percentage points in one year. According to the same report, the level of taking advantage of mobile applications to use loyalty programmes is generally low. However, VR Mobile is one of those five mobile applications that have reached a more than 10-per cent share of users among people between the ages of 18 and 75.

- The VR Mobile application has already been downloaded 750,000 times. Our next goal is to improve personal customer service and to make it possible to order new services through VR Mobile before the journey or on board the train before the end of this year.

The coffee to celebrate the millionth member will be served on 27 April between 6.00 and 12.00 in all operating long-distance trains with restaurant or cafe services.


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