Renewed Tolstoi train runs over-night to Moscow

12.06.2014 13:40 Press releases

The journey on board the new trains to Moscow will be even more enjoyable than before. New and better equipped sleeping cars are to be introduced on the Tolstoi train at the beginning of June. There will also be new restaurant carriages. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the over-night train service between Helsinki and Moscow.

The Tolstoi train runs daily between Helsinki and Moscow, from city centre to city centre.  The Russian night train has a special, nostalgic feel and is well-known for its good food and personal service.

The Tolstoy's 1st and 2nd class sleeping cars are to be replaced at the beginning of June with new ones. Passengers will be able to sleep in wider beds than previously, adjust the air conditioning in their cabins and recharge electrical equipment using the new power outlets. The new sleeping cars ordered from Siemens are manufactured in the Tver wagon factory in Russia.

At the same time, pleasant new restaurant cars will be introduced with more up to date facilities. Travellers will be able to continue to enjoy being served Russian food to their tables on porcelain plates in the beautifully decorated restaurant cars.

A new surge in travel to Moscow

VR and Russian Railways RZD work in cooperation to provide the Tolstoi service. The rail stock is owned by the Russian operator FPK. On the Finnish side VR handles schedules, locomotives and daily maintenance. Within Finland there are also VR conductors on every train.

"The Allegro train running between Helsinki and St. Petersburg has been a great success. We want to increase travel to Moscow again as well. Renewing the trains will improve passenger comfort further," says Senior Vice President for Passenger Services Antti Tiitola from VR. 

In Finland, Tolstoi train tickets can be purchased online from the website, VR Customer Care, railway stations and VR 's corporate and group sales. Passengers can collect ready purchased tickets from ticket machines. Tickets are also available from travel agencies in cooperation with VR.

We are celebrating the Helsinki-Moscow train service with an anniversary year. The night train service began to travel directly from Helsinki to Moscow in 1954. The train service was named the Tolstoi service in 1982, and therefore celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

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