Veturinkuljettaja Helsingin laiturialueella

Train operations

Locomotives, train drivers and operations centre: Train operations makes sure that passenger and freight traffic trains run in an efficient and high-quality manner, no matter the circumstances.

Train operations train drivers take care of both passenger and freight traffic transports in a safe and efficient manner every day of the year. Train drivers master all vehicles in use. Today, the work includes radio-control work in many localities and, for example, technical inspections and brief vehicle maintenance tasks. The drivers’ workstation network covers the entire railway network, so service is available flexibly all around the country.

Train operations is responsible for owning VR’s locomotives, administering the lifecycle, organising maintenance and investing in new vehicles. We are also responsible for procuring electrical energy and fuel for the rail traffic and the energy-efficiency of the rail traffic.

The rail traffic planning unit plans the use of locomotives in long-distance passenger traffic and freight traffic trains as well as train driver schedules. The planning unit is also responsible for long-term train driver resource prognoses and updating short-term plans of train drivers and locomotives related to changes in traffic.

Operations centre coordinates train traffic

The operations centre’s task is to follow and coordinate VR Group’s railway traffic in its entirety. It is responsible for managing train disruptions together with Finnish Transport Agency, Fintraffic, Helsinki Regional Traffic HSL and other partners. It is also responsible for guiding vehicle and personnel resources, managing punctuality and reporting and producing traffic information for customers, personnel and management.

Train operations’ most important customers are VR Group’s train traffic passengers and logistics customers who we serve together with passenger services and logistics. We also work closely together with vehicle maintenance.

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