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VR – Passenger services

We operate more than one thousand passenger trains every day – welcome aboard!

At VR, we take care of the passenger services of railways. We operate more than one thousand passenger trains a day: an average of 250 long-distance trains and around 820 commuter trains a day.

Restaurant and catering service provider Avecra completes our services onboard the trains and at the stations. Pohjolan Liikenne bus service is also included in our passenger services, and we operate the Tampere Tramway.

We want to offer our customers the safest, greenest and most comfortable way to get around. We strive for this, for example, by increasing punctuality, renewing our pricing and improving our services.

Our objective is that train travel will be the most popular option in long-distance traffic.

Customer is the key

We offer our customers comfortable and fast trains and diverse routes and services. Improving customer experience is our main objective: we want to guarantee a smooth and comfortable passenger experience.

For our customers, it is important that the train trip is easy and effortless. For example, it is possible to work during the train trip, and the comfort of travel is increased by free internet and restaurant services. Stations are centrally located and travel times are increasingly faster.

The train is also the most environmentally friendly choice and a safe means of transport. In Finland, all passenger trains run carbon-neutrally.

We want to make the journey effortless as well as solve disruption situations in an anticipatory, high-quality manner.

Services in many channels

We serve our customers in many different channels, both face-to-face and digitally. We offer the chance to buy tickets at the desired moment using the channel that feels most natural and we develop our service channels constantly.

Our largest ticket sales channel is our online shop. Tickets are also sold through our mobile app, vending machines, station ticket offices, long-distance trains (on break during the COVID-19 pandemic) and the customer service centre's telephone service. In addition, tickets are also available at R-kioski kiosks and travel agencies around Finland.

Sign in to our services to get the best travel experience and access all benefits: buy your tickets easily, follow your journey and keep your tickets safe on your devices.

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