Five environmental pledges

Even though the train is already the greenest choice, we can always do more. That's why we have made made five environmental pledges for the years 2013–2020.

Forward while saving energy

Aim: To increase energy efficiency in rail passenger services and in rail logistics by 20 %.

Indicator: Energy consumption in megajoules per passenger or tonne kilometre

The situation in 2019: 0.33 MJ/passenger-kilometre, 0.16 MJ/tonne-kilometre
(The situation in 2018: 0.36 MJ/passenger-kilometre, 0.16 MJ/tonne-kilometre) 

More renewable energy

Aim: Renewable energy should constitute over 70 % of the entire VR Group's energy consumption.

Indicator: The percentage of renewable energy in all of the energy used by the group

The situation in 2019: 67 %
(The situation in 2018: 66 %)

For a cleaner soil and landscape

Aim: There will not be any major leaks contaminating the soil in the transport of hazardous substances or in the use of chemicals.

Indicators: The number of small or major leaks

The situation in 2019: 0 major leaks
(The situation in 2018: 1 major leak)

Less consumption, more recycling

Aim: Waste ending up at landfills will account for less than 5 per cent of all waste produced.

Indicator: Waste to be landfilled as a percentage of total waste (excluding scrapping)

The situation in 2019: 2 %
(The situation in 2018: 1 %)

The greenest choice

Aim: The number of people considering VR environmentally friendly is over 82 %.

Indicator: The percentage of positive responses towards environmental friendliness in VR customer survey

The situation in 2019: 80 %
(The situation in 2018: 79 %)