Corporate services

Our business operations and units are supported by corporate services.

HR and safety

HR unit is responsible for the basic rules of human resources management, joint operating models and functional HR procedures. The unit takes care of employment matters, recruitments, salaries, working capacity matters and occupational health care services, among others.

Safety unit is responsible for the wide-scale development of the group’s safety. In addition to safety matters, the safety unit also handles group-level environmental issues. The safety unit develops and coordinates corporate safety, railway safety, occupational safety and passenger and premise safety, among others. It also ensures the functionality and data security of the IT systems. The safety unit plans and guides environmental operations and assists the units in implementing environmental measures.

Legal unit

Legal unit’s tasks include legal guidance and supervision of the judicial interests of the groups’ business and support units, drawing up contracts, sales contracts and other documents as well as developing legal risk management.

Strategy and development

Strategy and development unit serves the group’s management and supports units in strategically and economically significant questions. The unit’s main tasks include preparing and coordinating the work related to strategy development and operations planning as well as directing and developing the processes that support this. Development team supports business operations in forming and implementing the strategy as well as in significant development projects. The development unit has the main responsibility in the group’s larger and joint development programmes.

Economic and financial unit, procurement and IT

The economic and financial unit is composed of Business Control, economic service centre and financial unit Treasury. Business Control’s main tasks include performance reports and budgeting, profitability accounting, supporting business operations and economic development projects. The economic service centre produces financial accounting services for VR Group’s business operations and companies. It is also responsible for the IT systems related to the services. Financial unit Treasury is responsible for the group’s payment transactions, financing, investments and insurances.

Procurement is responsible for the entire group’s procurement and purchasing. Procurement’s task, together with internal customers, is to choose competitive suppliers and products in relation to needs. Procurement invites tenders, negotiates contracts, purchases products and services and makes sure deliveries are on time.

IT unit is responsible for the constant service and development of VR Group’s IT systems. All IT work at VR Group is focused in the IT unit that procures and implements VR’s IT services.

Communications unit and public affairs

Communications unit is responsible for VR Group’s communications, brand management and PR. Its responsibilities include internal and external communications, publications and PR materials. At the same time, the communications unit supports the business operations’ and other units’ marketing activities and other communications.

The unit is also responsible for supervising our group’s interests in international and EU contexts, maintaining relationships with Russia and stakeholder activities. It also cooperates tightly with several international organisations within the railway sector, such as CER and UIC. VR Group’s international operations are mainly focused in Russia.