VR Track

VR Track is Finland’s biggest track constructor and one of the largest construction companies and planning offices in the infrastructure sector.

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of an infrastructure initiative: planning, construction, maintenance, vehicle and material services as well as international operations. We are also a significant supplier of railway materials. We are growing our skills to include new sectors and invest in electric and railway construction, among others.

Our biggest customer is Finnish Transport Agency FTA. Our customers are governmental and municipal actors as well as ports and industrial companies, among others. In addition, we are involved in several infrastructure sector alliances where we develop projects into a more productive and high-quality direction. With the Tampere tramway and the capital region Jokeri Light Rail alliance projects, there are also many tramways being planned and constructed.

The electric and safety equipment knowledge from railway systems is utilised in, for example, maintenance work and road telematics of the electricity main grid and the main grid’s electrical stations.

In addition to Finland, we also operate as infrastructure planners and construct and maintain railways in Sweden.

Our competitive edge comes from our aggregated overall knowledge that is unique for this sector, our experience and project management of large contracts.