Refuelling services

Service description

The buyer has the right to refuel with the fuel in the container at the refuelling location.

The fuel is either of summer or winter quality or their mixture. The buyer will not be able to choose the fuel brand or quality. The person responsible for refuelling decides about the change of the quality by regions/refuelling locations.

The refuelling takes place as a self-service. The buyer refuels on the buyer's code.

Charging takes place once a month.

The following refuelling locations can be found on VR-Group Ltd's tracks - Those who intend to operate on these tracks must make a separate agreement with VR-Group Ltd (access agreement for private tracks):

  • Turku
  • Riihimäki
  • Kouvola
  • Hamina
  • Imatra
  • Vainikkala
  • Oulu
  • Kemi
  • Tampere
  • Joensuu
  • Kokkola

Pricing model

Pricing basis:

  • Procurement costs (the average for the fuel procured during the invoicing month) and protection costs for fuel.
  • Costs of the refuelling service, e.g., investments in refuelling locations, costs related to administration, maintenance and buying of fuel as well as system costs to which the mark-up is added.

The pricing model is based on litres used for refuelling (cents/litre).

Agreement model

VR will conclude an agreement on the refuelling service with the buyer. The agreement may be of indefinite or fixed term.

So far, the agreement does not apply to refuelling locations where the fuel is directly taken from a tanker to the locomotive ("vehicle refuelling locations"). This service will be defined and priced later as a part of the same package.

The pricing will be reviewed annually.