Values, strategy and vision

Our services are customer-oriented and produced in a responsible manner.

Our basic mission is to provide our customers with high-quality, environmentally-friendly passenger and logistics services.

We respond to customer needs by providing infrastructure engineering services that cover the entire lifecycle of projects.

Our home markets are Finland and Russia.


All our operations are guided by five values:

  • Customer-oriented operations
  • Safety and responsibility
  • Successful together
  • Being goal-oriented
  • Renewal


Strategy comprises four sections:

  • Competitiveness
  • Growth
  • Customer orientation
  • Solid foundation

Responsibility is a part of VR Group’s strategy. This means that when making strategic decisions, responsibility is always considered. Read more from our responsibility pages.


VR Group’s vision is to be Finland's leading passenger, logistics and infrastructure engineering service company. Services are customer-oriented and produced in a responsible manner.

VR Group moves toward the vision with a strategy where competitiveness, growth, customer orientation and fixing basic issues is central.