A woman in a train

Business operations

The company's core business is passenger traffic in Finland and Sweden, and freight traffic in Finland. Our business operations cater to consumers and corporate customers.

Our business units are VR Long-distance Traffic, VR City Traffic and VR Transpoint (logistics):

  • VR Long-distance Traffic takes care of long-distance train journeys in Finland and also offers restaurant and café services on trains and at railway stations.
  • VR City Traffic includes commuter train, tram and bus transport in Finland and Sweden.
  • VR Transpoint offers logistics services on rails and on wheels in Finland.

In addition, VR FleetCare enables competitive passenger and freight traffic with efficient fleet maintenance.

Within the company, Train operations is responsible for locomotives and train drivers and manages disruptions. The Property unit takes care of property development and rental operations. The business operations are supported by Common functions. 




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