Roundwood train

VR Transpoint

VR Transpoint is a pillar of support for industry and an experienced and versatile logistics service provider, both on rails and on wheels. We keep the wheels of industry turning.

VR Transpoint offers rail logistics services as well as domestic road logistics services. We make logistics effective by combining railway and road transport in a flexible way.

We produce and develop new services that support business operations together with our customers and partners. In addition to transport, we can tailor the entire logistics chain with its additional services all the way from the factory to the port.

We serve a variety of different sectors. Our customers are domestic and international companies that need logistics solutions for raw material and product transports.

Development by listening to our customer

We utilise the newest technologies and develop our diverse vehicles to respond to all transport needs. Experience and good networks are our strengths. 

VR Transpoint’s large service offering and extensive partner network guarantee our customers reliable and competitive transports. We create logistics that benefits even the customer’s customer.

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