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At VR, we promote the responsible transport of the future. We are a passenger, logistics and maintenance service company owned by the Finnish state, and we increase the popularity of environmentally friendly rail and city traffic. We ensure smooth daily travel in Finland and Sweden and act as a pillar of support for industry in Finland’s logistics. In 2023, our customers made a total of 15.1 million journeys on long-distance trains with us, and we transported 23.4 million tonnes of goods by rail. Our net sales amounted to EUR 1,224.1 million and we employed approximately 9,100 top professionals.

We have published the Green Finance Framework, which gives debt investors the opportunity to finance our investments in sustainable mobility and logistics. In it, we tell about the programmes and projects we are implementing to achieve our environmental goals and to mitigate climate change. Within this framework, investors will be able to finance our investments in clean transport, renewable energy projects and improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

Vectron locomotive

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Janne Runsamo
Group Treasurer, VR Group
[email protected]

Jesse Tuominen 
Treasury Manager, VR Group
[email protected]

Credit Investor Presentation – June 2024

Stock Exchange Releases

Financial Statements Release 1 January to 31 December 2023

VR’s profitability improved significantly in 2023 as the number of domestic long-distance journeys rose to a record-high level. Measures to adjust costs in freight traffic have mitigated the impact of decreased transport volumes. The weak profitability of long-term contracts in contract traffic weakened profit development. Strategy implementation and acceleration of our profit improvement will continue with steadfast commitment. By the end of 2027, the company is aiming for EUR 250 million in turnaround improvement measures to secure its competitiveness and ability to finance rolling-stock investments of almost EUR 1 billion.

Annual report 2023

VR's annual report consists of four parts:
VR's direction, Sustainability Report, Governance and Financial review.


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