Conductor ♥ passengers

Conductors work on either commuter or long-distance trains.

Conductors take care of our customers and their safety. Conductors have a genuine desire to serve customers, work well under pressure and know what to say in any situation. A good level of basic fitness is useful for a conductor, because the work involves a lot of standing and movement.

Long-distance train conductors travel all over Finland for their work. Shifts may include rest breaks or overnight stays in different locations. Commuter train conductors work in the HSL area and in VR’s commuter traffic area, which extends not only across Southern Finland but also, for example, to Lahti and Tampere.

Interested in becoming a conductor?

1. Are you prepared to work shifts?

2. Do you have a good level of basic fitness?

3. Would you like to work with customers and help them in different kinds of situations?

4. Can you manage situations where you have many things to do at the same time?

5. Are you prepared to serve customers using different languages if needed and make announcements on the train?

If your answer to these questions was yes, you could be one of us! You can see our open positions here.

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