VR to sell passenger coaches – registration for the auction open in February

VR will auction off a total of 51 single deck coaches that are at the end of their life cycle and have been removed from commercial passenger service as they are no longer needed. The company seeks to promote the growth and competition of the rail transport market in Finland by giving up extra rolling stock.

VR will sell 29 InterCity coaches and 22 “blue coaches”, i.e. older express train coaches and sleeper cars. Advance registration for the closed auction for companies and associations will take place on 12–29 February 2024.

The coaches put up for sale have served as spare rolling stock, and some of them have been in commercial use until the end of 2023. The coaches are at the end of their life cycle, but their railworthiness can be extended with the necessary maintenance and renovation work.

Further information about the auction can be found here 

Media release 28 December 2023: VR to sell surplus passenger carriages

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