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Auction of passenger coaches

VR will sell a total of 51 single deck coaches at the end of their life cycle, of which 29 are InterCity coaches and 22 “blue coaches”, i.e. older express train coaches and sleeper cars. The passenger coaches will be sold at an auction with advance registration.

The closed auction for companies and associations will be held in cooperation with the online service. 

The passenger coaches put up for sale have been removed from commercial passenger service as they are no longer needed. The coaches have served as spare rolling stock, and some of them have been in commercial use until the end of 2023. The passenger coaches to be sold are at the end of their life cycle, but their railworthiness can be extended with the necessary maintenance and renovation work.

A reserve price that is mainly based on the value of the recycled metal will be determined for the coaches in the auction. The coaches are sold in a condition that is not railworthy, and VR is, therefore, not responsible for the safe operating condition of the rolling stock sold, nor for the transfer of the coaches, for example. VR will provide the service manual documentation available for the coaches in connection with the sale.

There will be viewings for those who have registered for the auction to inspect the coaches to be sold more closely, as well as a general presentation event regarding the progress of the sale process. The commercial terms and technical attachments relating to the sale will be provided to the participants in the auction. The trading conditions of can be found here.

Timeline of the auction:

  • The timeline will be specified and updated on this page

Further information:

For more information about the sale process, please contact Joonas Roivainen, VR’s Director of Fleet Management, at [email protected].

More information about the types of coaches for sale:

  • Ex, 18 coaches, manufactured in 1988–1992, single deck coach
  • Expt, 11 coaches, manufactured 1988–1991, single deck coach with spaces for pets and bikes
  • CEmt, 5 cars, manufactured in 1979–1980, sleeper car
  • EFs, 4 coaches, manufactured in 1985–1986, coach with a conductor’s station
  • Fots, 3 cars, manufactured in 1984–1985, conductor and baggage car
  • Rk, 3 cars, manufactured in 1996–1998, restaurant car
  • EFiti, 3 coaches, manufactured in 1993–1994, accessible coach
  • EFits, 3 coaches, manufactured in 1985–1986, coach with a conductor’s station
  • Eipt, 1 coach, manufactured in 1986, coach with pet area

The rolling stock units to be sold are not identical, as the components they contain may vary. Components and spare parts that work in the old technical systems have been recovered from the coaches for the rolling stock remaining in use. The passenger coaches can be made railworthy by overhauling and renovating the systems. 

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