Tavarajuna yöllä

Challenging global situation

Our operating environment has changed significantly over the past years. The uncertain global situation, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, high energy prices, the economic decline and accelerating inflation have had a negative impact on our business operations. 

The economic downturn, industrial cycles and rising production costs affect the market demand for products and, as a result, the transport volumes of freight traffic. As a result of the war of aggression, we stopped our Eastern passenger and freight train traffic altogether in 2022.

We are seeking EUR 250 million profit improvement measures by 2027 that will enable the financing of our billion-euro rolling stock investments and ensure the company’s continued competitiveness in the future.

VR and the security of supply

VR is a major provider of security of supply in Finland, a cornerstone of the industry, and a transporter of raw materials and finished products in potential crises. Therefore, the overall functionality, operational reliability and crisis resilience of rail transport must be always ensured, even in the midst of changes in the operating environment.

Reducing the repair backlog and increasing the track capacity strengthens Finland's security of supply. The transport corridors and priorities of the export industry and international transport are changing after the closure of the Eastern freight corridor. That is why it is necessary to develop alternative routes and connections through ports and to the west via the north. The main line is a key route in terms of security of supply and, in the future, the connection to Sweden via Tornio will play a larger role.

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