Rail track

Key actors in the Finnish railway industry

In rail transport, there are many actors whose cooperation guarantees the smooth running of everyday rail traffic and transport.

VR is responsible for operating trains and providing customer service and information on board its trains and via its other channels as well as its fleet and personnel. VR is also responsible for ticket sales and pricing for long-distance trains and its own commuter traffic.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency manages the state’s transport infrastructure. It is responsible for the maintenance and development of the railway network. The agency is also responsible for platform areas and their information boards.

Fintraffic Railway Ltd is responsible for controlling and managing railway traffic. Fintraffic Railway is also responsible for the passenger information, such as announcements and platform displays, provided at stations. Fintraffic Railway is a subsidiary of Fintraffic. The special assignment group is fully owned by the Finnish state.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom promotes the functioning and safety of the traffic system. The Agency is the permit, registration and supervisory authority for traffic.

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) is a joint municipal authority that arranges public transport in its area. HSL procures commuter train transport services from VR in the capital region. In addition, HSL is also responsible for ticket sales, pricing and ticket inspectons in its area. 

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (LVM) drafts legislation related to traffic routes. The Ministry administers the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. The Ministry is also responsible for the ownership steering of Fintraffic.

Ownership steering by the State is responsible for VR Group’s ownership steering; the company is fully owned by the Finnish state. Ownership steering is centralised in the Prime Minister’s Office. Ownership policy is implemented in accordance with the government programme.


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