Megatrends support rail transport

Climate change is one of the central megatrends of our time and combatting it requires rail traffic to grow. The electric train is an environmentally friendly option because it produces less emissions and consumes less energy than other modes of transport. 95% of our passenger trains run on electricity with zero emissions, and rail traffic accounts for only 1% of all transport emissions.

The sustainable growth of Finland and the green transition require the transport of people and goods to be transferred to the railways, and because of this, the growth of rail traffic plays a key role in achieving Finland's carbon neutrality goal by 2035.

Another megatrend affecting our operations is urbanisation, due to which passengers now travel between large cities and expect direct and fast connections.

Digitalisation has brought with it new opportunities for customer service, enhancing operations, and business activities, such as seamless door-to-door service.


Climate and environment

Climate change and loss of biodiversity require a rapid transition to sustainable public transport. 


With the increase of urbanisation, the number of passengers in city traffic and between large cities will continue growing. 


Information technology and digital apps are increasingly present in everyday life and business.

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