Summary of stakeholders

 Actors related to the business
Stakeholders Purpose Channels
Passengers Travel experience, customer service, quality and development of services, door-to-door service, accessibility, punctuality, environmental issues, safety In passenger service, customers have been involved in service development in various ways, for example when it comes to digital channels. Various surveys, studies and reports concerning customers. Customer feedback, social media and targeted marketing
Logistics customers, business partners VR Transpoint engages in continuous development work with its customers – for example, in the development of logistics solutions and in issues concerning safety and security Action plans with customers. Operations are guided by safety and security programmes and environmental programmes
Personnel Work ability, occupational well-being, personal goals, code of conduct, increasing dialogue between management and personnel Leadership work and management, performance reviews. Internal communications, e.g. via info sessions, Intranet, internal newsletters and Yammer (internal social network). Employee surveys, occupational healthcare. Dialogue with personnel organisations
Public stakeholders
Stakeholders Purpose Channels
The state as an owner Market environment and competitive situation, the company’s operations, objectives and strategy Regular discussions with the owner, interim reports, the report of the Board of Directors and the financial statements, the corporate governance statement
National decision-makers Market environment, market-based transport and contract transport, track maintenance financing and legislative changes Discussions with authorities, such as the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Parliament, municipal decision-makers and other regional authorities
International decision-makers Issues related to the international regulation of the railway sector Dialogue with EU decision-making bodies
Other authorities, including the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom Functionality of the transport system, transport quality and safety, improvement of the railway network Cooperation groups and other regular discussions with the authorities
Organisations and other actors interested in the Group’s operations
Stakeholders Purpose Channels
Personnel organisations Changes in the operating environment that affect the status of personnel Regular discussions with management, the shop steward organisation and personnel organisations. Personnel organisations participate in the activities of the Group’s Supervisory Board
Interest groups and NGOs Labour market issues and the promotion of interests, services, accessibility, environmental issues Cooperation with, for example, the Confederation of Finnish Industries, the Service Sector Employers Palta and the Finland Chamber of Commerce. Member of the Climate Leadership Council and FIBS, among others. Active dialogue with, for example, youth and disability organisations. Member of various logistics industry associations
International organisations EU regulation of the railway sector and promotion of interests Participation in the activities of, for example, the CER and the UIC.
Media Daily operations and exceptional situations, punctuality, service provision, the impact of train traffic on regional development and the economy as well as on the movement of people Media releases and events, interviews, telephone service for the media, social media, websites
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