VR to sell railworthy diesel locomotives 

In January 2024, VR will put five diesel locomotives on the market: two Dr16 locomotives and three Dv12 locomotives. Suitable for both freight and passenger traffic, the locomotives will be sold at an auction with advance registration. 

The closed auction for companies and associations will be held in cooperation with the Huutokaupat.com web service. Registration for the auction will be open 15–31 January 2024. 

There will be reviews for those who have registered for the auction to investigate the locomotives sold in more detail, as well as a general presentation event regarding the progress of the sales process. The reviews will present the available maintenance documentation, spare parts and other matters critical for the traffic use of the locomotive. The starting point is that all of the requirements for operation will remain with the new owner following any sale.

The locomotives are at the end of their life cycle, but their roadworthiness can be extended with maintenance and overhaul. A reserve price will be determined for each locomotive in the auction, depending on the characteristics, condition and value of the locomotive and the components invested in it.

The commercial terms and technical attachments relating to the transaction will be provided to the participants in the auction. The trading conditions of Huutokaupat.com can be found here.

In total, approximately ten roadworthy diesel locomotives will no longer be needed by VR and will be put on the market by VR in 2024. According to the current plan, more locomotives will be on sale in the autumn.

Registration for the auction has ended 31 January

Preliminary timeline of the auction:

  • Registration: 15–31 January 2024
  • Reviews: 02–03/2024
  • Auction open for bids: 04–05/2024
  • Auction close: 31 May 2024
  • Completion of the sale: 06/2024

Further information:

For more information about the sales process, please contact VR’s fleet manager Joonas Roivainen at [email protected]

General information about the locomotive types to be sold by VR


  • Years of manufacture 1986–1992
  • Maximum output 1,500 kW
  • Maximum speed 140 km/h
  • Weight/axle load 82 t / 20.5 t
  • Length 18 metres


  • Years of manufacture 1963–1984
  • Maximum output 1,000 kW
  • Maximum speed 85 km/h (T), 125 km/h (M)
  • Weight/axle load 66 t / 16.5 t
  • Length 14 metres
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