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Vision, strategy and values

Together towards a better world – this is our vision and the purpose of our operations. At VR, we are at the forefront of creating the future of sustainable mobility for the benefit of society as a whole.

We make sure that people and goods reach their goals responsibly, every day. We offer the safest and most environmentally friendly transport services. Our comprehensive and accessible services are for everyone. When we make smooth journeys possible and act as a pillar of support for industry, we keep society moving and increase well-being.

By increasing the popularity of electric rail and city traffic, we reduce the emissions of our customers and the society as a whole. This way, we are moving towards an environmetally friendly future and participating in the mitigation of climate change.

Our strategy

The better we succeed, the more society benefits – through growth, our operations will have a bigger impact. That is why we do our best each day and aim for the top in all of our operations.

We draw from our fine 160-year history and use our solid experience to accelerate responsible mobility in the future. We are ready to develop and renew constantly, while also listening to our customers.

We move towards our vision by executing a strategy that focuses on three goals:

  • Happy customers bring growth
  • Efficiency enables a profitable future
  • Committed people create success.

Through growth, our operations will have a bigger impact

While making sustainable rail traffic and public transport more popular, we are able to reduce the emissions of our customers and society as a whole.

In our strategy, the core businesses of our company are passenger services in Finland and Sweden, and freight traffic in Finland. Our business units are VR Long-distance Traffic, VR City Traffic and VR Transpoint (logistics).

VR Long-distance Traffic is responsible for long-distance train traffic and related services. VR City Traffic comprises VR Sweden, VR’s commuter train services in Finland, Pohjolan Liikenne and the tramways in Tampere. VR FleetCare’s main task continues to be the quality and cost-effective maintenance of VR’s track equipment, and FleetCare will play an important role in improving VR’s customer experience. In addition, FleetCare will offer European customers component maintenance, fleet modernisation and wagon manufacturing, as well as digital products.

The better we succeed, the more society benefits. That is why we do our best each day and aim for the top in all of our operations.

Our values guide our daily work and decision-making – they keep us on track and on the road. We enhanced our values together the entire company, and the values are: we care, we work together, and we drive improvement. A value-based VR culture unites us and helps us to implement our strategy and achieve our goals. At VR, we believe that a good work culture enables the company to succeed, and this is why we invest heavily in building a value-based culture.

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