Responsibility – working every day for the common good

At VR Group, we take everyone towards a good future that keeps getting better. We want to be a pioneer of responsible business and set an example, as a company, to others. We are doing our best to help our customers and society as a whole to achieve their sustainable development goals.

Responsibility is a key part of our company’s strategy and a uniting theme of our business operations and growth areas. We will continue our responsible journey as a successful Finnish company that is nearly 160 years old. We believe that our success will also benefit society as a whole.

Rail transport has an essential role in curbing climate change and increasing well-being in society. This is about smooth everyday transport, supporting the competitiveness of industry and reducing emissions from traffic.

Rail transport produces less emissions and consumes less energy than other modes of transport. At VR Group, we also use renewable hydropower. Finnish society’s carbon footprint is reduced when Finns increasingly choose to travel by train and industry transports its goods by rail even more.

To us, responsibility means not only operating in an environmentally sustainable way but also working over the long term to improve traffic and occupational safety and ensure a good employee experience. We take the financial, social and environmental impacts of our operations into account in our decision-making.

According to the Finnish state’s government programme, corporate social responsibility must be the guiding principle for every state-owned company. As a company, we are committed to the Finnish Government’s ambitious objectives for cutting emissions, according to which Finland will be carbon-neutral in 2035 and carbon-negative soon after. Our responsibility efforts are also based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsibility promises guide day-to-day choices

For our company, the key areas of responsibility are safety, customer orientation, employee experience, environmental responsibility and corporate social responsibility. These themes were selected through a separate materiality assessment (2018) by listening to our stakeholders.

Our new responsibility programme creates a structure within our company for undertaking responsibility efforts. In the future, our annually updated responsibility programme will bring together the work being done at our Group for the good of people, the environment and society as a whole.

For our key areas of responsibility, our responsibility programme includes targets as well as related responsibility promises, which extend to 2030. We will fulfil these promises with concrete responsibility actions, which will be taken across all of our units.

The idea is that we examine all of our day-to-day choices and decisions consistently from the perspective of responsibility. Every VR employee is in charge of the realisation of responsibility in their own role. The Group’s Management Team and Board of Directors provide guidance and carry out monitoring to ensure that the responsibility programme’s actions and indicators progress in line with the goals.

Our new vision – “Getting there together for a better world” – reflects all the key areas of responsibility. Guided by the vision, the responsibility programme and the responsibility promises, we make responsibility a reality every day.

Our vision is that in 2030: 

  • We are a pioneer of responsible business that speeds up society’s transition to using environmentally friendly modes of transport.
  • We reduce society’s carbon footprint, and carbon-neutral operations have become a part of everyday life for us. We are making good progress towards our operations being carbon negative.
  • Every one of our employees is a responsible professional who enjoys their work and makes sure that people and goods are transported safely.
  • The customer-orientedness of our operations is widely known.

The targets for the five areas of responsibility included in our responsibility programme and the related responsibility promises are the following: 

  1.  Safety
    We ensure that people and goods reach their destinations in the safest way possible – safety is our way of doing things.
  2. Customer orientation 
    We are our customers’ first choice.  
  3. Employee experience 
    Together we build an inspiring workplace where everyone feels comfortable.
  4. Environmental responsibility 
    We reduce the environmental impact of transport and the carbon footprint of society. 
  5. Corporate social responsibility 
    We increase Finland's well-being.