Responsibility is part of our everyday work 

Responsibility is the foundation of our operations, our value and part of the everyday work of all VR Group employees. We acknowledge our major role in Finnish society and want to foster trust in our stakeholders.

For our customers, punctuality and reliable delivery are essential. Communication of up-to-date information and lucrative pricing are also important. In addition, customer orientation involves constant service development and the offering of new, innovative solutions. We make the everyday life of our customers easier with service packages.

In safety-related work, the most important thing is to ensure safety in travel and train traffic. We make sure that work is carried out safely in a safe environment and develop the everyday safety culture within VR Group. We also ensure data security and the reliable operation of information systems.

Regarding environmental responsibility, it is essential to curb climate change by increasing the use of renewable energy and by improving the energy efficiency of rail traffic. Increasing the share of electrically driven traffic is an important measure in this work. Energy efficiency goes hand in hand with the efficiency of operation. Furthermore, ensuring environmental safety is a critical prerequisite for our operations.

Regarding personnel, we focus on a good employee experience that will also help create the best customer experience. Motivated and committed employees are our key resource. We want to be an attractive and good workplace for various types of professionals and invest in the competence of our employees. We develop our operating culture, management and team spirit.

In terms of finances, responsibility means ensuring the profitability, growth and competitiveness of our business. When we succeed, we will be able to provide diverse work opportunities in the future as well. In addition, we act in a responsible way when procuring services and products. We make sure that the entire supply chain complies with our principles.

Our operations play a significant role in Finnish society. We enable the mobility of our customers every day and do our part to keep the wheels of industry turning. This role requires that we carry out our operations ethically at all times to ensure that our stakeholders can trust us.