Vision, strategy and values

Vision, strategy and values 

We are aiming for the top – we are taking customer orientation and efficiency to a new level, strengthening our international competitiveness and actively seeking growth. We believe that our success will also benefit society as a whole.  

The purpose of our operations is to move people and freight with customer-oriented solutions that are smooth, safe and environmentally friendly. We are there for our customers.


We are Getting there together for a better world. This is not only about smooth everyday transport and supporting the competitiveness of industry but also about reducing emissions from traffic and curbing climate change. We also want to show others the way when it comes to responsibility.


We are moving towards our vision with the aid of our strategy that is built around four key factors: Customer orientation, Growth, Competitiveness and Solid foundation.

The customer is at the core of our strategy. Our strategy is also strongly based on responsibility, which is a uniting theme of our business operations and growth areas.

We actively seek growth in the number of passengers and transport volumes and develop new growth areas in seamless journey experiences and more comprehensive logistics solutions. We utilise our solid expertise and review opportunities associated with other forms of rail traffic and related maintenance.

We also have faith in digitalisation and new technologies when pursuing new growth, efficiency and better customer experiences.

We are ready for renewal. We develop our operating models and ensure we have a solid foundation, such as punctuality and operational reliability.

We invest in everyday leadership and operating culture because we believe that a good employee experience also creates the best customer experience and end results. Together, we are ready to win.

Strategic themes and success factors: 

  • Customer orientation
  • Growth
  • Competitiveness
  • Solid foundation


All our operations are guided by five values: Customer-oriented operations, Safety and responsibility, Successful together, Being goal-oriented and Renewal.

Our values: 

  • Customer-oriented operations
  • Safety and responsibility
  • Successful together
  • Being goal-oriented
  • Renewal