Vision, strategy and values

Vision, strategy and values 

We are doing our best every day to earn our position of being a pioneer of responsible business. At the same time, we are speeding up the journey towards a healthy and carbon-neutral Finland.

Our travel, logistics and maintenance service company has kept Finnish society moving for nearly 160 years.

We are Getting there together for a better world – this is our vision and the purpose of our operations. It means that we aim for the top in all of our operations. At the same time, we believe that our success will also benefit society as a whole.

Well-being is increased when we make smooth everyday transport possible and act as a pillar of support for industry in logistics. In addition, we also reduce emissions from traffic and, through that, curb climate change.

We pursue this vision through a strategy that emphasises customer orientation, growth and responsibility. We are ready to win – every day. We believe that if our business operations are responsible and our strategy is implemented, our customers and society as a whole will also benefit.

Responsibility is the unifying theme of our operations and growth areas and creates a set of shared values for our company. To us, the most essential areas of responsibility are safety, customer orientation and employee experience as well as corporate environmental and social responsibility.

We show the way for sustainable growth

Our strategy is built around customers. We want to meet our customers’ needs and wishes – and exceed expectations. Success comes from good team spirit. We believe that investing in good employee experience also produces the best customer experience and end results.

We draw on our extensive expertise as we head towards the future. We continuously reform and develop ourselves while listening to customers. At the same time, we make sure that we have a solid foundation, which includes punctuality, delivery reliability and safety.

We have faith in digitalisation and new technologies in improving customer experience and efficiency as well as seeking growth through agile innovation.

We see new potential for growth in urban traffic, door-to-door trip chains, new additional services, broader logistics solutions and the maintenance of various kinds of rolling stock. We are also looking at opportunities for international growth, especially in the Nordic countries.

Through growth, our operations will have a bigger impact. While making sustainable rail traffic and public transport more popular, we are able to reduce the emissions of our customers and society as a whole.