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We make sure that passengers and goods get to their destination safely. We also minimise safety risks at workplaces.

Our safety efforts are not just about preventing accidents and incidents. We aim to ensure the Group's operating conditions under all circumstances.

We make sure that train traffic and travelling run safely. We also ensure that working methods and conditions are safe.

Our safety efforts also include information security and the security of premises. This is how we protect the Group's assets.

Creating a culture of safety together

Safety is an integral part of our daily work; we take care of it continuously and without compromising on quality.

A functional safety culture requires working together: the activity of all personnel and responsibility for the safety of one’s own activities.

Traffic safety

Our goal is to prevent damage to customers, personnel, the environment and the Group's assets by ensuring railway safety. Persons involved in railway safety tasks are professionals in their field and ensure safety every day.

We are prepared for any danger or accident to the railways and for the prevention of hazards and environmental damage caused by goods being transported or the equipment being used. We are also prepared for immediate actions at accident scenes and assisting the authorities responsible for rescue operations.

Safety is an integral part of our daily work; we take care of it continuously and without compromising on quality.

Passenger safety

We make sure that customers can travel safely on trains – and also feel safe. From the customer's point of view, it may not be sufficient for travel to be safe in the light of statistics. You also need to feel safe when you travel.

Maintaining and developing the professional skills of train personnel is a basic prerequisite for passenger safety.

The focus of security and maintenance of order is on visible patrols and technical surveillance, such as CCTV.

In major stations, traditional policing is increasingly becoming a service-oriented activity where passengers are actively assisted.

railway yard worker, drawing

Responsibility promise of safety

We ensure that people and goods reach their destinations in the safest way possible – safety is our way of doing things

Occupational safety

Basic work to improve safety is done daily at workplaces – in business operations, units and offices.

The overall responsibility for occupational safety lies with the company's management and supervisors, but each employee is also responsible for their own part.

It is essential that employees are aware of the hazards in their work and know how to work safely. Everyone is responsible for intervening in risky activities and reporting any deficiencies they find.

Occupational safety is based on proactive measures. We are committed to a zero accidents approach, according to which all injuries can be prevented. We want to learn from incidents and mistakes that have occurred.

We keep occupational safety high on our agenda and encourage employees to participate in the development of occupational safety.

Data security

We take care of data security and protection. In this way, we avoid the misuse or destruction of data.

It is important that the information systems and networks that are essential for business and customer service work without interruption.

Through our data security policy and daily data security work, we ensure that information and information systems are available and not used without authorisation. In this way, we will also prevent the destruction and distortion of data.

We want to minimise injuries. We also ensure the protection of the Group's and its customers' confidential information.

At VR Group, data security work is carried out in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards.

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