Common functions 

Common functions contribute to the success of the company’s various units and the achievement of the company’s goals.

The procurement unit is responsible for the company’s procurement and purchases. Procurement, together with its internal clients, is tasked with choosing competitive suppliers and products that meet needs. Procurement invites tenders, negotiates contracts, purchases products and services and ensures timely deliveries.

People & Culture 
The People & Culture unit is responsible for the basic rules of human resources management, common operating models and functional HR procedures. The unit takes care of employment matters, recruitment, salaries and wages, matters related to work ability and occupational health care services, among other things.

VR’s IT unit, i.e. Digital Crew, is responsible for the development and maintenance of digital services together with the business operations.

Legal services
The legal services unit provides the company’s business and service units with legal support, promotes their legal interests and develops legal risk management.

Strategy and development
The strategy and development unit serves the company’s management and supports the units in major strategic and financial matters, such as strategy creation and implementation and key development projects.

The finance unit is composed of Business Control, the financial service centre and Treasury. Business Control’s main activities include performance reports and budgeting, profitability accounting, supporting business operations and financial development projects. The financial service centre produces external accounting services for VR’s business operations and companies. It is also responsible for the information systems related to the services. The Treasury unit is responsible for the company’s payment transactions, financing, investments and insurance policies.

Safety and security
The safety and security unit is responsible for the wide-scale development of the company’s safety and security. Among other things, the unit develops and coordinates corporate security, railway safety, occupational safety and the safety of passengers and premises. It also ensures data protection and the functioning of information systems.

Communications and public affairs
The communications unit supports the company’s business operations through both internal and external communications. For example, the communications unit is responsible for media releases and cooperation, as well as for the development of internal communications practices and channels.

The unit for public and international affairs is tasked with promoting the company’s interests at the national, international and EU level and it is also responsible for stakeholder activities. It also cooperates closely with several international organisations within the railway sector, such as the CER and the UIC.

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