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In general, rail transport is the most energy-efficient mode of transport with the lowest emissions, and this is why it plays a crucial role in curbing climate change. By making rail transport more popular, we can also increase our handprint, i.e. reduce the emissions of our customers and Finland as a whole.

We at VR Group have committed to reduce emissions in the long term. For instance, we have added more electric transportation, adopted more energy-efficient tractive stock, and increased the size of our trains. Even though we are already the greenest choice, we want to do even more for the environment. We have therefore set ambitious environmental goals for our entire Group for 2021–2025.

Even though we are already the greenest choice, we want to do even more for the environment.

There are four environmental goals. We wish to reduce output-specific emissions and energy consumption by 15 per cent by 2025 compared to the level of 2019. Energy efficiency is measured in terms of energy consumption per passenger-kilometre of passenger service and tonne-kilometre of rail logistics. We aim to improve material efficiency by increasing the Group’s recycling rate to 80 per cent and by committing the supply chain to continuous improvement of environmental aspects. With regard to chemical safety, the aim is to avoid major chemical leakages in the transport of dangerous goods and in handling chemicals.

Environmental responsibility promise

We reduce the environmental impact of transport and the carbon footprint of society

Environmental goals for 2021–2025
Environmental goal   Baseline 2019
Reducing emissions Greenhouse gas emissions per output decrease by 15% 0 (baseline year)
Increasing energy efficiency Energy consumption per output decreases by 15% 0 (baseline year)
Increasing material efficiency The recycling rate is 80%
Major suppliers commit themselves to continuous improvement (new contracts)
Not required previously
Chemical safety No significant leakages (qty) 0


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