The greenest choice – now and in the future

VR Group acts in the best interest of the environment. The train is a highly green form of transport.

It produces less emissions and uses less energy than other forms of transport - we want to ensure and develop this competitive edge.

We aim to be an environmentally-friendly travel and transportation partner for our customers and society.

Achieving this goal requires energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy, as well as material efficiency.

Our environmental pledges guide our operations

Environmental pledges have guided our operations since 2008, when made our first twelve promises.

We want to commit to long-term environmental work, which is why we have set five new environmental pledges for the years 2013-2020.

We have created an environmental programme to support our environmental pledges, in which VR's separate business operations have recorded their own measures taken to fulfil the promises.

Our environmentally friendly solutions are aimed at passenger transport, logistics and maintenance.