VR Group's environmental policy

In our operations, we are committed to continuous improvement and the prevention of environmental contamination. We reduce the environmental impact of traffic and the carbon footprint of society with our operations.

Safety and responsibility are among our key values and success factors and an integral part of our way of working. We acknowledge our responsibility for sustainable development and the achievement of Finland’s climate targets. With our operations, we can mitigate climate change by improving energy efficiency, increasing the share of renewable energy and investing in low-emission technology. Our goal is to be a pioneer of responsible business that speeds up society’s transition to using environmentally friendly modes of transport.

We have published environmental pledges that guide our daily operations. We comply with national and international environmental regulations and treaties.

Our management is committed to ensuring responsible operations and taking environmental aspects into account in decision-making. We train our personnel to act in an environmentally responsible manner. Environmental friendliness is everyone’s business and everyone is responsible for taking environmental aspects into account in their own actions and work duties.

The environmental policy is followed throughout the Group’s operations.

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